by InstaOffice Team
Members Speak - Nikunj Jain, cofounder Darwin Labs
Nikunj Jain from Darwin labs talks about his experience in our coworking space.
InstaOffice Unwind Sessions #9 : Power couples
This Valentine's Day, we hosted Rahul Narvekar - Pallavi Rao and Vinayak Burman - Archana Khosla for an interesting discussion on how to strike the perfect love-life balance!
Member Speak : Amazon India talks about their recruiting experience
The world's largest online retailer Amazon India reviews InstaOffice!
InstaOffice Christmas Celebrations : When Santa traveled across Gurgaon
The InstaOffice community at Gurgaon got together to celebrate Christmas and the Santa gave a visit to all our spaces in Gurgaon. Take a look.
InstaOffice has a fun day with PayTM little app team
PayTM Little App team came over to our coworking space in Gold Course Road for a fun evening with our members. The winners ended up with special discount coupons and packages.
Republic day celebration at InstaOffice Business Centre
Thousands laid down their lives so that our country could breath freely today. We asked our members to list down the reasons why they love their country, and the response was immense.
Members Speak - Rajni Ranjan from Kraftbuy
Rajni Ranjan from Kraftbuy explains as to why he chose InstaOffice over traditional business centre for his meeting needs
InstaOffice Unwind Sessions : Columbia School Panel Discussion
Chaayos cofounder Raghav Verma enjoys our Unwind Session
InstaOffice Unwind Sessions : Deep Bajaj, founder of Pee-Buddy talks about his idea
Women's Entrepreneurship Meetup | Unwind Session | InstaOffice
Unwind Session - Renovating furniture in schools by Kabir Vajpeyi
Kabir Vajpeyi formulated the idea of Building as Learning Aid (BaLA) which aims to change the physical infrastructure in schools to improve the education quality. In this video, he talks about how his concept is to change the mundane and boring school spaces like doors, windows, furniture, walls, etc to colourful and abstract concepts which will be children-friendly. He involves the principal, teachers, school administration, and sometimes the local panchayat and NGOs to make this difference. He also provides examples from two schools where he had already implemented his ideas. The simple innovations and changes in designs of the school classroom and surroundings can bring a great change in the learning process of a child.
Social Entrepreneurship | Unwind Session | InstaOffice
Social Entrepreneurship is the field of study which deals with solving persistent social problems in an innovative and cost-effective way while at the same time, generating profits out of it. The factor which differentiates social entrepreneurship from other entrepreneurships is its core value and its purpose which aims at creating employment opportunities in remote places of the country. Social entrepreneurs are motivated to change the habits and behaviour of the common mass and thus, uplift mankind as a whole by integrating technology and investing their energy in marketing and communication in order to reach out to a greater population.